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JD’s does more than make delicious homemade salsa.

With it’s great southwest flavor, you can add it to all your favorite dishes and
recipes such as spice rubs for beef, pork & poultry, soups, chili, hot dishes, seafood,
pastas and much more. Bringing flavor and fun back into food without all the gluten,
sugar, msg, cholesterol, fat , and excessive salt found in other brands.

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JD’s Salsa in Seconds!

JD’s Fiesta Dip!





No Sugar


No Preservatives


Ingredients matter


JD's Salsa in Seconds

JD's Bloody Mary Mix

JD's Sweet & Spicy Meat Rub

JD's Table Shakers 4 Pack


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“I purchased some of your great tasting Salsa In Seconds after trying the samples that you had out at a Sports Show in Madison Wisconsin. At the time I thought it was great! Now, I firmly believe that you have come up with the best combination of ingredients for making salsa on the market. Not only do I like it but my friends and family have all converted over to it. Im going to order multiple jars as I’m sure one jar wont last very long.”

Phil S.

“A delicious and simple alternative to store bought brands. JD’s Salsa gave our Sunday football spread just the kick we were looking for.”

Mike K.

“Hi! My name is Amy Carlson and we met at the RV show in Mpls. Just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I enjoy your product! I whipped up a batch yesterday and.. YUM! I am sure I will be reordering, and wait till the folks at our RV park check it out. Keep up the good work. I’ll do my best to build up your business by word of mouth!”

Amy C.

“JD Salsa Rocks! Thank god I tried it at the show. I loved the salsa, but when I tried the Fiesta recipe, I bought one for me and one for my kids. They can’t have mine!”

Barry C.

“I was having a bachelor party for a good friend, and the best man said he was bringing his own home made salsa. I told him I was bringing JD’s salsa and he immediately bet me that his was better. So we made a bet and everyone at the party picked JD’s Salsa over his. Easiest $10 ever!”

Aaron H.

“My family loves the Fiesta Dip. It’s so simple and easy to make, even for my children. They love it as an after school snack.”


“The Salsa & Fiesta Dip taste great! What I also love is that I can use the JD seasoning in a lot of my recipes and on meats and seafoods.”


“Thank you for coming up with JD’s Salsa!! Our family and friends love it. Since the SD. State Fair, we have enjoyed several snacks around the table and campfires with both the salsa and fiesta dip. I know what my family and close friends are getting for Christmas!”