JD’s Dirty Mary Shot



  • 1 oz. Tomato Juice pre-mixed with JD's Bloody Mary mix
  • 1 oz. Hornitos® Lime Shot Tequila
  • Jalapeño salt for rimming the glasses (if you can't find jalapeño salt, use regular salt mixed with a pinch of cayenne pepper)
  • Lime wedges

Take a lime wedge and run it around the rim of a 2 oz. shot glass.
Dip the rim in the jalapeño salt, turning until the whole rim is covered.
Pour the V8 Bloody Mary mix to the bottom of the shot glass.
Carefully pour the tequila over the back of the spoon to layer it on top of the V8 juice.

If you’re not layering these shots, you can make a large batch up ahead of time and keep in a pitcher for serving.

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